Your Own Private-Labeled

Financial Empowerment Platform

Offer your own custom-branded financial education and management platform to your clients, customers or community with EveryIncome.

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Provide Financial Tools and access diverse communities through EveryIncome.

What is EveryIncome?

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Ultimate Financial Empowerment

  • Your own branded financial empowerment platform
  • Financial education and account aggregation
  • Prospect by offering the tools to your customers for free
  • Includes marketing content and media
  • Boost brand awareness and client engagement
  • Stand out from the crowd with free client benefits

Why use EveryIncome?


Starting at only $6/mo per member, providing personalized financial empowerment for  employees, organizations, clients, or prospects has never been more affordable.


Getting set up is fast and easy — anyone can get started with EveryIncome. Access the platform any time from your desktop or mobile device.


Setting up the platform only takes a few minutes, and after inviting members, there is no ongoing maintenance or work required.

What do your members get?

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See Where They Are, Get To Where They Want to Be

Your members can track their income, expenses, investments, credit cards, and more, identify goals, track budgets, and get to where they want to be with our vast set of tools and guided recommendations.

A Better Way to Navigate Finances

EveryIncome Navigator Journeys offer your members step-by-step guidance and education that adapts as they progress to keep them focused on their goals and help them get to where they want to be, one step at a time.

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Contacting You is Only a Click Away

Your members get fast and easy access to contact you, though the communication channels you already use — social media, email, your appointment calendar, website, and/or phone.

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